What is Branding

What is Branding? Business Branding is simply the process of creating positive images and perceptions for your business. You want your business to conjure up positive emotions and thoughts in the minds of your clients. Business Branding is ensuring that customers perceive your business the way you want it to be perceived.

What is a Brand?

Your business brand is the overall presentation and reputation of your business. Your brand is everything your customer experiences when they come in contact with your business. Everything from how you answer the phone to your logo creates ideas and perceptions about your business. These ideas and perceptions are your business brand. It includes your business logo, business slogan and overall look and feel of your business.

Do all businesses have a brand?

All businesses have a brand whether they planned to have one or not. Your business brand is simply how customers perceive your business. It is the thoughts and emotions that arise when they think about your business. For example a business may have a reputation for giving bad quality products or bad service. When people think about that business they think about the bad products and service associated with that business therefore those bad products or service is part of their business brand. Developing and managing your business brand can help prevent customers or potential customers from getting the wrong idea about your business.