Starting an Ebay Business

starting an ebay business

Starting an eBay Business

Starting an eBay business involves buying new or used goods and then selling them at for a profit. When starting an eBay business you should beware of scams. There are many scams out there claiming that they can show you how you can get rich quick by selling on eBay. Don’t believe this. You will have to work hard just like any other business. When starting an eBay business you should analyze the market and get to know which goods are easily available and are in demand. Get experience before you engage in bulk buying of inventory. To get this experience, you can start selling small appliances and used items like old books and clothes.

Many sellers on eBay think that they should only sell those items that are trendy and hot selling. The problem behind this idea is that most other sellers have the same idea. If you are a new seller, then working your way up to this can be a good idea. On eBay you can sell anything from books to computers to jewelry to toys.

Steps to Starting an eBay Business

You will have to get an eBay user ID– in the homepage you can click on the register link to start registration.

You will have to find merchandise to sell– There are various places you can find merchandise. Flee markets, your garage, closets, basement, attic, ask friends for throwaways, find businesses with excess inventory.

Start small– try a few items at first so you can get a feel for it. Then you can learn the posting and shipping process without getting overwhelmed.

Digital Camera– Have a digital camera to take pictures of your items. You don’t have to get an expensive professional camera. You family’s digital camera will do just fine. Having photographs of your products will attract more visitors.

Choose a category– Ebay has many categories. You should search for a similar product as the one you are selling and see which category it is under. Be sure to look for the products that are selling well. When search for a product and you see that there are many products just like your and no bids, you may want to consider selling a different product. You can decide to post in two categories but you will have to pay more. Choose your category carefully, as many viewers search by category.

Advanced Search– With the advanced search feature in ebay you can search completed auctions so you can see what similar products sold for. This can help give you an idea of how much your product may sell for.

Sell at auction?You can decide whether you want to sell through the online auction and have people bid for your product or you can decide to sell it at a fixed price “Buy it now” option. There are pros and cons to both. With a fixed price you can be sure if you sell your product that you will sell at a predetermined price. However bidding can attract more customers who are seeking bargains.

Write a Headline– When writing your headline make sure to insert lots of keywords people may be searching for. For example if you are selling a camera, give all kinds of information. Many shoppers search for brand names and keywords so be very descriptive in your title.

Write a Description– When writing a description for your products be as descriptive as possible. Always be honest about the product and it’s condition. Do not try to deceive your potential buyers. It os a good idea to include You should include shipping information in the description. Also let bidders know which types of payment you will accept. You should let them know expected delivery time and whether insurance is inluded in the price.

Pricing your product– Some successful ebayers recommended starting auctions low. This way it will gain more interest at first and get very competitive. One person will outbid another person, and then the prior bidder will come back and bid again, and it can get very competitive. However you will also be risking selling your items at a very cheap price that will not produce any profits for you. To avoid this you can choose to put a reserve on the product incase you don’t get enough for the product. A reserve is the minium price you are willing to accept for a product you are selling.

Get Experience– If you have never bought on ebay before, you should get some experience doing that. You can buy small cheap things just to get some experience. Not only does it help you familiarize with the website but it also helps build up your feedback score. Everybody starts with a feedback of zero, but the more transactions you make, regardless of whether you are buying or selling, your feed back score will grow. People feel more comfortable doing business with someone with a good feedback score. By buying you can also check the competition and learn from them. What categories are they selling in? How was the products shipped? Was there adverting material in the package?

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