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Web Based Businesses- Growing in Popularity

Starting a web based business is becoming an ever increasing trend. Perhaps what attracts people to this kind of business the most is the ability to work from home, and set your own hours. However many people are disillusioned with the idea about starting a web based business. Many think that just by putting a website online you start making money. Sadly it is not that easy. People have lost thousands of dollars on get rich quick schemes online therefore it is important to watch out for scams.

Watch out for Scams- Be critical

It is important for you to be critical when starting a web based business. When you find a great business opportunity online do a google search for any scams associated with that business. For example a popular scam today in the Internet is the check cashing scam. A false business contacts you online usually through email and hires you to cash checks for them. They often claim they are in another country and need a representative in your country. They send you checks to cash and tell you to take out a portion for you to keep. You then send the remaining money to them. Only 2-3 weeks later you find out that the checks were false and you had actually lost money.

However though there are many scams online there are also many people making a good amount of money online. You should know that starting a web business does take work and you won’t be a millionaire overnight so you should be weary of claims of get rich quick. Below are a couple of different web business ideas. I suggest you do further research on each web based business idea to discover which one is best for you.

Web Based Business Ideas

  • Affiliate Marketers– When starting a web based business you can decide to be an affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketer sells online products and earns commissions on each product they sell. A great advantage of being an affiliate marketer is that you don’t have to deal with customers and shipping products. A disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that it can often times be difficult to get traffic to your products especially for those with no web marketing experience. You can become an affiliate marketer simply by joining affiliate programs such as and
  • Infopreneur– When starting a web based business you can decide to be an infopreneur. What is an infopreneur? Well an infopreneur is someone who makes money by providing quality information. An inforpreneur creates a website or blog containing useful information about a topic they are knowledgeable about or have a great interest in. When starting an infopreneur website, your main goal is to get high rankings in search engines in order to attract free traffic and make money off of affiliate links and/or ads.
  •– Creating hubpages is another option for infopreneurs. You do not need any knowledge of HTML or web design to create a hubpage. They supply you with the page, you just need to supply the content.
  • Ebay– Selling on ebay is another way of making money online. You can sell old or new products on Ebay. You can even open up an ebay store.
  • Artsy Business– If you are an artistic person or have an eye for design there are opportunities for starting a web business that may interest you.
    •– At you can create your own designs for t-shirts, caps, mugs and more. They provide you with your own online store, and you provide your own designs. Knowledge of photoshop is very helpful. However I must warn you that it is unlikely that you will receive a decent flow of traffic unless to get the word out about your online store, so marketing skills will help you greatly with this web business.
    •– If you are a crafty person you can turn your passion into a business. At you can start your own online store and sell your own crafts; whether you make pottery, art, photography or jewelery. All you need to do is post a picture and description of your crafts and ship it to the buyer.
    •– If you are web savvy or a graphic designer you can find freelancing jobs varying from data entry, to social media to webpage or logo design on
  • Virtual Assistant– What is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant provides administrative, financial, technical, or creative assistance to clients from a home office. Being computer savy is a big plus when working as a virtual assistant because you may be asked to complete tasks that require knowledge of the internet or different computer programs. Tasks will vary but may include email management, research, typing, bookkeeping, and marketing. You can find a virtual assistant job on
  • Write an E-Book– If you are very knowledgeable about a certain topic and have a passion and skill for writing you can decide to write an E-book. The main difference between an E-book and a regular book is that an E-book is provided and distributed online. Once you have written an E-book, marketing it may be the hard part. You can decide to use and have affiliate marketers sell your E-book or form a partnership with a popular website (related to your book topic) and offer them commission on each book sold.

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