Starting a Tutoring Business

Job Duties

starting a tutoring business

When starting a tutoring business your job duty will be to help students of various ages with schoolwork. Not all students are fast learners some need extra help and attention. Your job duty will be to provide each student with specialized attention so they can better understand their schoolwork and improve their academic standing. When starting a tutoring business you can decide to focus on a certain subject and age group. You can decide to tutor middle school, high school or college students. Your tutoring service can focus on a specific subject that you are very knowledgeable about or offer tutoring in a wide range of subjects. Tutoring however does not have to be limited to just young students, you can offer your tutoring services for adults as well. Adults may be interested in tutoring services to improve computer skills or learn a new language.

Where will you work

Tutors often work in the homes of their clients but can also provide their service from their house or at a local library. When starting a tutoring business be sure you set a limit on how far you are willing to travel to provide your tutoring service. For example it will be much less productive for you to travel for two hours to provide tutoring for one hour. Your time would have been better spent working locally and tutoring for three hours. Also consider the costs of gas to travel to and from your client’s home.

Basic Costs

When starting a tutoring business costs to set up are relatively low. A car will be extremely useful to get to your client’s homes. However if you don’t have a car you can consider providing your tutoring service from your home or at the local library. Gas will be a constant cost when running a tutoring business if you drive to your client’s home. It is a good idea to have a schedule book or calendar to keep track of your appointments. Also be prepared with a notebook and pencil to jot down notes. You may want to purchase some books to help you along your lessons.

Tips for Starting a Tutoring Business

  • Do you have what it takes?– Before starting a tutoring business examine if you have the skills to be a good tutor. A good tutor must be patient and a great communicator. Sometimes you will be working with people who need plenty of patience and guidance. You will have to examine the best way to communicate ideas to your students and be patient with them when they have trouble. You must also have plenty of knowledge about the subject you are teaching. You should be prepared to answer all questions a student might have.
  • Preparing for Tests– Clients may request your tutoring service in order to prepare for a certain exam such as the SAT. When preparing students for tests it is a good idea to obtain past versions of the tests and practice with similar questions. Every student is different so never promise clients on specific test results.
  • Save on Books– Books on your subject can be expensive. Instead of buying books brand new consider buying used ones on websites such as Also learn about text books being used in local schools.


  • Flyers– Determine if you can put up flyers in local grocery stores, bakeries, bookstores, schools and community centers. It is best to ask the owner of these businesses for permission first. Also hand out flyers to passer byers on the street.
  • Tutoring Business Cards– Create business cards and hand them whenever an opportunity appears.
  • Yahoo Local Searches– If you include your business in the Yahoo Local Searches, when people search for your service in your local area your business will appear in the list. To add your business to Yahoo local search, enter the term “add business to yahoo local search” in and click on the first link.
  • Google Local Searches– Google has a local search as well. To add your business to Google local search, enter the term “add business to google search” in and click on the first link.
  • Form a Partnership– tell local teachers and guidance counselors about your tutoring services and ask them if they can recommend your services to parents who seek help for their children. Demonstrate that you are qualified to tutor by showing them your resume and providing them with references.
  • Website– You can decide to develop a website to provide clients with access to general information about your tutoring business.
  • Newspaper classified ads– You can decide to advertise your tutoring business through a newspaper ad in your local newspaper. Find out if you can advertise in the local school’s newspaper as well.
  • Word of Mouth– Word of mouth is a very effective way of advertising your tutoring business. Happy parents and students will be happy to pass down news about your tutoring business.
  • Yellow Pages– Consider buying an advertisement in the yellow pages of your local phone book. You can also include your business in the online version:

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