Starting a Small Rov Business

starting an rov business

Job duties

When starting a small ROV business you will be performing a variety of jobs underwater using remotely operated vehicles or robots. You might have to control underwater robots for an oil-rig, for petroleum developments and drilling, military and science efforts, as well as underwater cable endeavors. When starting a ROV business you will need to keep an eye out for opportunities that may arise. You will have to be creative when developing solutions. When starting an ROV business operational skills is a must. ROV technologies has evolved throughout the years and as a result offshore oil and the gas industry has become more and more dependent on ROVs for drilling support and sub-sea construction services. Rovs are also used in enable deepwater exploration and development projects worldwide. ROVs can range in functions from everything from holding a camera to using robotic arms to retrieve lost artifacts. The smallest of the ROVs are called small electric vehicles which only have video camera and cannot perform any functions. These small electric vehicles can not go below nine hundred and eighty four feet. The small electric vehicles are used for projects in science and the military since they can not have the required functions that are needed for the oil industry.

Where will you work?

When starting a small ROV business, you can either run the business privately or can sign a long-term contract with the military. Robotics play a vital role in the military and armed forces as they act as soldiers. Another option for those who want to start an ROV business is working in local marinas where the boats may need services by automated robots to clear their hulls. At the same time, you can help through your ROV business to authenticate the rationale for sinking of pleasure craft as they mostly claim insurance. Working in oil-rigs is another alternative; however try to avoid it, as that can be risky. Oceanographic research is another place where ROV’s can be put into action.

Basic Costs

The basic costs of starting a ROV business depends on the vastness of the business and the budget in hand. If you are planning to starting a small rov business, buy a single operated mini-ROV, as that can be enough to handle the basic jobs. However the figures can range up to 4 digits. Smaller ROV’s usually consist of electrical units and you will have to undertake the risk of working with electricity. However if your budget allows you to setup a larger venture, buy ROV’s that have hydraulic units. The basic costs increases as the equipment’s specification are amplified. A camera fitted rov will range up to 5 figures and 3D controlled ROV will be the most expensive of all.

Starting an Rov Business Tips

Be flexibleWhen starting a ROV business, prepare to be flexible. If you work for the military you may be called any day to carry out a project that needs the assistance of an ROV. You will likely receive projects will you will be away from your home for several weeks.

Take a Class– There are various courses for operating Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). This knowledge can be useful for learning how to operate rovs.

Investigate the area in which you need to install your ROV:Before installing your rov on the land or any platform, check the area to find any cracks that might prove hazardous later. Also make sure that you have the right kind of ROV for the specified job. Come prepared with all the tools.

Make a clear agreement with the client: sign a proper agreement before starting to work. That will show professionalism as well as prevent from any future confusion. Charge according to the work and labor involved. Lay all the terms and conditions in front of your client and appreciate him/her to clear queries if any.

Bad side– Many people are attracted to starting an rov business because it can be highly profitable ranging from $300- $600 a day. However you should be aware that finding work/contracts can be difficult especially in bad economic times.

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