Starting a HIV Case Management Business

The concept of case management developed during the beginning of 1800s to cater to the basic needs of the underprivileged. Analysts noticed that numerous social problems plagued the poor, as a majority of the population shifted from urban to rural areas during this period. The programs were devised to classify and meet the requirements of the disadvantaged. In the early 1970s, it was realized that case management was becoming increasingly fragmented and incapable of addressing multiple client needs. In 1990, The Ryan White Care Act authorized HIV Case Management for ensuring coordination and continuity of services.

Job Duties

Starting a HIV case management business would require ensuring timely organization of and access to psychological services for people staying with those infected HIV/AIDS. It would include intake, needs assessment, service planning, plan execution, service coordination, checks and follow-ups, re-examination, crisis intervention, and finally, case closure. It would also comprise of supportive counseling, psycho-socio support, client education, navigation through and analysis of the whole service system, advocacy, and negotiation for services.
When starting a HIV case management business your aim is to encourage and support self-sufficiency and independence. It thus needs the assent as well as active contribution of clients in decision-making, believes in the clients’ right to confidentiality, dignity, privacy, self-determination, respect, nondiscrimination, and the like.
Case management also helps the families of those of HIV infected children to improve and maintain effective functioning. Case management for children must match their age as well as their development level, help in their growth and functioning, and ensure their active participation in making decisions suitable to their abilities and age.

Where will you work?

HIV has affected both the wealthy and the needy. When starting a HIV case management business neither the urban nor the rural areas have been exempted. However, HIV infection is more pre-dominant among the poor. Most of the population in rural areas suffer unknowingly from this fatal disease. Thus, the clients would include rich as well as poor people. When starting a HIV case management business you might have to work under undesirable circumstances, especially in the remote areas, and so must be equipped properly. One must also be aware of the previous HIV statistics of the region chosen.

Basic Costs

The cost of starting a HIV case management business would depend on its size. This would include the cost of providing social and medical services. There would be expenses incurred on training the staff. A large amount has to be spent on setting up the facility and ensuring all the required equipments and amenities are in place. In addition, there would be expenses on maintenance of hygiene in the facility.

Tips for starting a HIV Case Management Business

  • Starting any business requires dedication and hard work. However, a special business like this takes a lot more. Firstly as, in other business clients know what they are looking for and would avail your services if the deal is good. In this case, however, the clients may not even be aware of their condition. Others still may know but be shy about open discussions. One has to be extremely careful about handling clients.
  • The facility should be neat and clean. Hygiene must be paid special attention to. The clients should feel that they are here for treatment and that they will be taken care of properly.
  • The staff should be well trained. They should serve the clients willingly without discriminating among them. They should be caring and patient. They should help the client’s family care for them better.
  • Incoming clients should be educated about both their condition and rights straight at the beginning.
  • Lastly and most importantly, the clients have to be convinced that their life is not over. They have to be encouraged to live their lives normally by taking a few precautions. They have to be convinced that there are people to help them. Such patients are more in need of psychological support. This needs a full understanding of the client’s psychology.

Unlike any other business, HIV case management requires less of a business and more of a supportive and caring attitude. The client firstly needs to come to terms with his own condition and this would mean a lot of effort on your part. Reinforcing positive health behavior in the client means the business has served its purpose.

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