Starting a Crafts Business

Job Duties

starting a crafts business

When starting a crafts business you can decide to concentrate on a specific type of craft such as pottery or offer a wide range of crafts. A major disadvantage that craft makers have over large businesses is that the large businesses such are able to mass produce the same products and offer it at a cheaper price. It can take more time and effort for a crafts maker to complete each project and since they are working on a small scale the supplies can be more expensive as well. However an advantage for craft makers over large businesses is that they can personalize and detail each project. Clients may see a project made by an individual crafts maker as more valuable. For example a client may see a painting he buys from an artist to be more valuable then say a painting from Walmart.

Where will you Work?

A great advantage of starting a crafts business is that you can work right out of your home. If you decide to work out of your home find a space where you can set up your equipment and supplies. There you should have enough space to create your crafts. When choosing a location in your home make sure the location doesn’t form an obstruction to the rest of your house and is free from distractions.

crafts business

Basic Costs

When starting a crafts business your basic costs will consist mostly of supplies and equipment. If you will be producing a large number of crafts it is a good idea to buy your supplies wholesale. However it would be wise to create a few samples first and discover if there is enough of an interest and market for your crafts. It would be a good idea to purchase a camera to take pictures of your projects and create a portfolio. This way you can show potential clients what you are capable of and take orders for new projects.

Tips for Starting a Crafts Business

  • Find a market for your crafts business– When starting a crafts business, consider the following: Is there a demand or market for your business? If so who are your target market and how to you plan on reaching them? How much would people be willing to pay for your crafts? What is your competition charging? You need to determine if the expected compensation for your crafts is worth the time and effort put into it. Take the time to investigate and research your market and the competition.
  • Do something you enjoy– Starting a crafts business will not be easy especially in the beginning. It helps when you are doing something you enjoy rather than just doing it for the money.
  • Add a personal touch– make your crafts stand out from those inexpensive mass produced products. In order to make a profit you can’t charge as cheap as say Walmart so you must differentiate your products by adding a special touch. For example you can personalize your products by adding each person’s name.

Where you can sell your crafts

  •– is a valuable tool for craft makers. At you can post and sell your crafts online. is another great website to sell products online.
  • Contact Retail Stores– Find businesses that sell products similar to yours and ask them to feature your products. This can be pottery shops, gift stores ect. Be sure to have a well thought out proposition and your portfolio ready. If business owners are hesitant about carrying your products you can decide to sell through consignment meaning that you only get paid after the products are sold. However if the products are not sold they will be returned to you.
  • Flea Markets– Find local flea markets to showcase and sell your products.
  • Craft Shows– Crafts shows are a great place to sell your crafts. You can use the following link to find a a crafts show near you. Finding craft shows. After the page pops up click on the craft shows link over the USA map.

Advertising a Crafts Business

  • Business cards– When you sell your crafts in flea markets or craft shows you can give a business card with each purchase order. If you have a website make sure to have the web address on your business card.
  • Direct mail– Encourage clients to join your mailing list where you can send postcards featuring your new craft projects.
  • Brochures– Create brochures featuring your crafts projects to give to interested clients.
  • Website– Having a website can be a great resource for past and future clients. You can place little stickers on each of your crafts with your website address. However you don’t need an expensive website. An alternative to having a website is creating a online store on

Types of Crafts

basket weaving
candle making
custom airbrushing
custom buttons
dried flowers
greeting cards
hand painted items
iron sculptures
jewelry making
lawn ornaments
mail boxes
magnetic signs
mosaic tiles
name on rice necklace
soap/ lotion making
stained glass
stuffed animals
pet clothing
products made from recycled goods
wall murals
wood carvings
wooden signs
and more


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