Small Business Website Host

What is a Web Host?

You might be thinking- Why do I need small business web hosting? What is a web host?… Well every website needs to be stored in a physical space so it can be viewed on the Internet. A web host has a system of numerous computers that are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These computers store your files and websites usually for a monthly fee. When deciding on a website host for your small business website there are many factors to consider such as Disk space, bandwidth and allowable languages.

Choosing Web Hosting for your Business Web Site

How do you choose small business web hosting for your business website with over 10,000 web hosts available online? When comparing small business web hosting companies here are some factors that should be considered:

  • Disk space is measured in (MB) megabytes and (GB) gigabytes. Disk space is the amount of storage a web host company provides for your website. If you have a very big website with many pages you will need more space. If you use a Flash web site, or if you have many graphics on your website you will also need more space. 500MG should be enough for a basic website.
  • Allowable languages:Each website is made from a scripting language such as HTML (hypertext Markup Language), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and many more. Be sure to ask you web site developer what language he/she used to make your small business website. Nowadays web hosting companies have progressed and they usually accept all scripting languages, but it’s best to make sure.
  • Bandwidth controls how much traffic your small business web site can support. The higher your bandwidth the more amount of people can view your website at the same time. For example when Victoria’s Secret had its first online fashion show, so many people logged in to view the show that it caused the website to crash. The average website receives about 50 visitors a day which is 250 MB of bandwidth. Generously speaking a basic site could be comfortable with 1-3 GB of bandwidth. Some web hosts refer to bandwidth as Data Transfers.
  • MySQL access: If you plan to incorporate a database such as MySQL (Your website developer / website designer can tell you if it was used to create your website) you will need to ensure that your web host accepts it.
  • Ecommerce enabled: If you plan on doing any sort of business on your website in which you will collect credit card information you will definitely need SSL(secure server). Also make sure your web host accepts shopping carts.

Small Business Web site Hosts

Website Host Price per Month Disk Space Bandwidth/ Data Transfer MySQL access Ecommerce Enabled $7.95 unlimited unlimited yes yes $8.95 unlimited unlimited 50 yes $6.95 unlimited unlimited yes yes $6.95 unlimited unlimited 100 yes