Getting Small Business License and Permits

Getting the required small business licenseĀ and permits for your small business is a necessary step to ensure you are abiding by the laws. Most businesses whether big or small needs some kind of business license or permit to run thier business legally. Once you have chosen your form of business ownership you can then find out what business license and permits you need to legally operate your small business. Every business is different so the license and permits necessary for your business will vary depending on your location and what you are selling. You can find out what small business license and permits you need to run your business by calling your local and state government offices in the area of your business. You can also consider consulting with a lawyer to ensure your business is in compliance with local and state laws and that you have all your necessary paperwork.

More Resources

Below you will find a list of state websites. You can look in your state’s website for more information on the procedure of getting a small business license. In the search box of your state’s site enter the term “business license”. If your search does not bring you any relevent results look for thier contact phone number and contact them to discover what business license and permits you need to run your small business. You can also conduct a search on a search engine for the term- “business license in Your State“.

If any of these links are not working please contact me and let me know so I can update it.

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