Market Research Interviews – Individual

Conducting Market Research Interviews provides you with the opportunity to meet individually with your target market. Instead of conducting a group interview such as a focus group you can also conduct individual interviews. In an individual interview the researcher asks the targeted buyer questions similar to those in a focus group. The researcher asks about the interviewees likes, dislikes, problems and opinions of a product or service. You can choose to conduct the individual interview in person or over the phone. One disadvantage of individual interviews over focus groups is that the interviewees don’t get to interact with one another. For example in a focus group, one person may say something that causes a reaction in another and suddenly bursts of ideas start sprouting. In individual interviews there isn’t that same kind of interaction. However an advantage of individual interviews is that you get to talk to your target buyer one-on-one and get more information about that individual and their specific thoughts and opinions.