Interviewing Employees

It is a good idea to be prepared before interviewing employees / interviewing candidates. Once you have shortened your list of potential employees to only the most qualified candidates you are ready to schedule interviews. You can choose to schedule all the interviews in one day but make sure to leave enough space between interviews. If you have an office or business location, that is the ideal place to hold the interviews. If you work from home you can hold the interviews in a public place such as a coffee shop.

An interview is your opportunity to evaluate and get to know a potential employee. A resume can only tell you about a person’s education background and experience but interviewing employee candidates will allow you to explore a candidates’ motivation, ability to get along with others, and personal values. The interview methods used by small businesses may vary. Below is the standard “one on one” interview where an employer interviews one candidate.

Interview Process

1.)Review the candidate’s resume/ application– if you notice something suspicious in the resume write down questions such as, Why weren’t you working in this period of time? Why did you never work more than 3 months in your past jobs?

2.)Have a list of questions prepared to ask your potential employee. Have access to a paper and pen to write down notes about each candidate.

3.)Welcome the candidate-(Handshake) Introduce yourself, let him/her introduce them self.

4.)Brief the candidate– Tell the candidate an overview about your business and about the job description which includes the job duties and responsibilities.

5.)Ask Questions– Ask the questions you have prepared. Write down notes. Don’t try to over-control the interview let the candidate speak freely.

6.)Answer Questions– Ask the candidate if he/she has any questions for you.

7.)Close the Interview– When the interview is complete thank the candidate for coming. Let them know that you will be conducting more interviews and that you will contact them if you decide they are best candidate for the position.

8.)Review-After all the interviews are complete review notes and call references. You can also conduct background checks if you feel its necessary but be sure to have your potential employee sign a background check permission form.