Infopreneur Business

inforpreneur business

 What is an Infopreneur?

You may be wondering, What is an Infopreneur? The term Infopreneur is a combination of the words Information and Entrepreneur. An Infopreneur makes money by providing people with information. Infopreneurs can provide their information using seminars, books, articles, the internet and more. In this article I will concentrate on the infopreneurs who provide their information online.

What can you write about?

Infopreneurs can write anything from “House Cleaning Tips” to “How to create a Successful Online Business.”  People use the Internet everyday in search of a wide range of information and Infopreneurs supply people with the information they seek. This site for example is an information site. It provides viewers with valuable information about starting a small business.

How do Infopreneurs make money?

Infopreneurs can make money online by placing advertisements or affiliate links on their websites or selling Ebooks. If an Infopreneur creates an information website, their main goal is to get high rankings on search engines. Getting high rankings in search engines means that you have a steady flow of visitors to your site. The more visitors your have to your website the more potential you have to make money.

Is an Infopreneur Business right for you?

If you love to write becoming an Infopreneur may be the right business for you. An Infopreneur writes about any topic they choose. Being knowledgeable about the topic you are writing about or being willing to do the research on your topic is necessary. There are many advantages of starting an Infopreneur business. You can work from your home which is very convenient for many. The costs to start are relatively low. You can work your own hours and you can work as much or as little as you want.

Where will you write?

In the past Infopreneurs used cassette tapes and conferences to sell their information but today the Internet has opened up many opportunities. Thanks to the internet just about anyone can become an infopreneur; you don’t even need to know how to create a website or be very web savvy. I will go over the various choices you can choose from when creating your online articles.

Writing Articles Online

You have many options when deciding where to provide your information online. Here are a few choices

Create a website– Don’t worry you don’t need to know how to code HTML to create a website. You have a couple of choices available. Once you create your website and get a decent flow of visitors you can start putting up adsence ads or affiliate links.

  • Start a blog using– Blogging is on fire right now. Just about everyone is blogging. WordPress is a popular website used for blogging. There are hundreds of themes you can choose from for your wordpress blog. It is a great tool to use for beginners who want to create a website. However there is a high drop out rate, meaning the majority of blogs don’t make it very long either because the writer got lazy/ lost interest or they didn’t do keyword research/ link building which is needed to bring in traffic.
  • SBI– SiteBuildIt is my favorite choice as an infopreneur though it is also the most expensive at $300 a year. However it is well worth it because it provides you with all the needed tools to create a successful information website. It has a great tool called Brainstormer which is similar to the wordtracker tool where you put in your topic keyword such as “house cleaning” and it provides you with a list of popular related keywords along with the Demand and Supply. By knowing this information you can create pages on the keywords that are in demand and have little competition which will help you rank better.

Write Articles on other websites– If you want to write but you don’t want to create your own website, an alternative option is to provide your articles on other websites. Here are some of the most popular websites to do this. You can earn revenue by adsence ads on your article pages.

  •– Become a Hubber and start writing articles today.
  • another great site to earn money from article writing.
  • Write How to Articles

Write a Ebook– Another option is writing an Ebook. Once you have written your Ebook it is very simple for you to get in online. You can use ClickBankto have affiliates earn commission by selling your Ebook.

Tips for Starting an Infopreneur Business

Search for popular Keywords– In order to provide readers with the information they are looking for you must do research to uncover what exactly they are looking for. One of my favorite tools to use it the Google Adwords Tool. You type in your main keyword and it will give you a list of popular related keywords for your topic.
keyword list

Draw a site map– Once you have your list keywords ready you can create a site map to plan out your website. Your site map should have 3 tiers. The top tier is your homepage. The 2nd tier pages are your main categories and the 3rd tier are the subcategories.

Hard Truth

Before starting a Infopreneur Business there are some things your should know. An Infopreneur business like any other business takes time and hard work. Don’t expect to be making $1,000 by next month. It takes a lot of writing, hard work, research, patience, and link building. For those who truly love writing and see it as hobby, they will be the most successful because if you are passionate about what you are writing you will be willing to do the work.

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