Illegal Interview Questions

Many employers have unknowingly put themselves in messy situations by asking illegal interview questions. Don’t let ignorance cost you a visit to court. The key to avoiding illegal interview questions is not to ask anything that can be considered discriminatory. Questions pertaining to race, marital status, age, ethnicity, religion and disability are off limits.

1.) Are you a US citizen?- ( Instead ask, Are you a US citizen or are legally authorized to work in the US?)

2.) Are you single?

3.) What is your religion?

4.)How old are you?- (Instead ask, Are you over 18?)

5.) Do you rent or own your own house? ( Employers would often ask this question to measure stability but it discriminates against minorities who tend to rent.)

6.)Do you have kids?

7.)Do you have any disabilities?

8.)Were you honorably discharged from the military? – Illegal in some states
9.) Are you a member of the National Guard or Reserves?

10.)Can you get a babysitter?

11.)How tall are you?

12.)How much do you weigh?

13.)How many days were you sick last year?( Instead ask, how many days you missed?)

14.)Did you ever file a worker’s compensation claim?

15.)Where did you grow up?- can be considered discriminatory

16.)Do your family members have jobs?

17.)Are you gay?