How to Create a Brochure

Business Brochures can be used to give customers and potential customers information about your business. In your business brochure you should include contact information such as your address, phone number, email and website. You should provide information about your business and why people should buy from you. Depending on your industry perhaps you can list your products or services along with the prices.

Creating a Brochure

When creating a brochure you can choose to have a graphic designer design a brochure for you. Affordable freelance graphic designers can be found on If you don’t want to hire a graphic designer you can buy your brochures from VistaPrint which offers hundreds of beautiful brochure templates. If you are on a budget and you want to print your own brochures read How to create a brochure on Microsoft Word

Comparison for 250 Brochures

Below is a comparison of several of the most popular and affordable brochure providers. Keep in mind that a color back for your brochure is necesary if you are planning to fold it. Underneath the comparison chart you will find the different brochure folds.

. Price Price with color back Shipping & Handling Templates Available? Type of Paper
vistaprint $112.49 included $34.12-three Business Days
$20.93-seven Days
$14.55-fourteen Days
$9.73-twentyone Days
Hundreds of professional designs to choose from. To upload your own image its $3.74 extra. “High quality card stock with aqueous coating”
overnightprints $129.95 $139.95 Shipping costs vary upon weight, shipping method, and destination. Estimate ranging from $10.95- $32.37 for 250 Brochures for ground shipping (5-7days). No templates available to choose from. you must upload your own image. “100# gloss book, Aqueous gloss finish”
printingforless $154.51 $257.01 $11.50 No templates available, you must upload your own design 80# gloss text weight (there are more choices of paper but you will have to pay extra)
printrunner $219.95 $229.95 you will have to wait 1-3 days for turnaround (time for them to approve your artwork). Then they will ship the postcards. Shipping rates vary by weight, speed, and location. Estimates vary from $8.90- $27.98 for ground shipping. No templates, you have to upload your own design. Free gloss aqueous coating

Brochure Folds

Below are several brochure folds you can choose from when creating a brochure:

Brochure Folds