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Do you need help with business plan? Developing a business plan can be a difficult task for many entrepreneurs. You will have to dedicate much time and effort to researching and developing your business plan. It is a time consuming and often times stressful task but proper planning can make the difference between business success and failure. If you feel overwhelmed with the process of developing a business plan there is help you can seek.
business plan help

Where can you find help for developing your business plan?

Small Business Development Centers– Counselors from Small Business Development Centers can provide you with one-on-one assistance in developing a business plan.

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCOREs)– SCOREs is made up of professionals who volunteer their time to help entrepreneurs with their business ventures. They are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of business. They can help you as you prepare your business plan. You can meet with a SCORE volunteer in person at a SCOREs center near you or you can work with one online.

Professional Business Consultants– Professional Business Consultants offer their expert advice at a cost. Some offer a free first time business consultation. A directory of professional business consultants can be attained at your local library.

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2 thoughts on “Help with Business Plan”

  1. I have a new small company, but I have some problem to develop my company cause I haven’t much money as asset.
    So, I will ask you how to make it run….
    Thank you

  2. Good, wonderful and insightful article.

    Pls I need a business plan for a small eatery to cater for a certain ethnic group of people in Nigeria. How should I go about writing it and my estimate is around 15000 dollars.


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