Finding a Business Supplier

Your business supplier will be a contributing factor to your business success therefore it takes research and thought. Finding the right products at the right price can make all the difference to the success of your business. Finding a good business supplier may not be an easy task but it is well worth it.

Where you can find Business Suppliers

  • Trade Magazines: There is a trade magazine for nearly every industry. Ask your local librarian for help finding a trade magazine. Be sure to look for local publications which contain local business suppliers. Once you have found a trade magazine that focuses in your field of business look at the ads for listings of suppliers. Companies may be able to send a sales representative to you to perform an on site demonstration of product samples.
  • Search Online– Use search engines to locate manufacturers and business suppliers of your needed products. Here are some websites that can help you locate manufacturers and business suppliers.
    1. Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
  • Yellow Book Pages– The Yellows Pages offers listings of local businesses including suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Library– In the library you will find several directories. Ask your local librarian for directories of wholesaler suppliers or manufacturers. One of the directories they might have is The American Wholesalers and Distributors Directory which offers listings of more than 30,000 big and small wholesalers across the US. Be sure to seek the latest Edition.
  • Trade Shows– Trade shows are a great place to find business supplies. In a Simmons Market Research Bureau study, 91% of respondents ranked trade shows as “extremely useful” for finding information on products. You can find a trade show near you at Not only can you potentially find suppliers but you can also network with other business professionals and check out the latest trends in your industry.
  • Ebay– Believe it or not, you can get just about anything on Ebay. When searching for a product be sure to search for the wholesale products. There are wholesale lots for just about any product. However before you get the urge to pounce on what seems like a good deal, research rates of other suppliers as well.
  • Ask other business owners for Referrals– Business owners who are not your direct competition may be able to give you recommendations on a business supplier. In order to avoid your competition you can ask business owners in neighboring areas for referrals.
  • Shop Around– Many products show the manufacturer’s name often located on a sticker at the bottom or back of the product. If you see a product that you are interested in keep note of the manufacturer’s name. Once you are home conduct a search on a search engine such as Google for the manufacturer’s name to see if they have a website.
  • Outsourcing– Consider outsourcing your products. Search online for oversea suppliers. Often times you can find products manufactured in other countries to have much lower prices. However be aware of scams. Many scammers ask to be paid through Western Union. When evaluating prices consider the costs of shipping. Trade Associations may have a list of oversea contacts.
  • Consider dropshippers– A dropshipper works like this: When a customer makes an order, you will send the order to your supplier and the supplier will ship the order to your customer. This eliminates you having to store excess amounts of inventory. Drop shipping can be valuable for entrepreneurs who work from home or online businesses and do not have a storefront. To find a dropshipper coduct a search for your desired product + dropshipper in a search engine.