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How to do Business Abroad
Expanding or relocating a business into a new environment can be a daunting prospect in itself; however, conducting business abroad is without doubt a separate transition in its own right. The most successful businesses in the world are able to pride themselves primarily on the efficiency and quality of their communicative capabilities; take globally renowned advertising dons WPP, for example. Read More

Will eBooks rekindle the publishing industry and library sector, or spell their end?– The launch of the third-generation Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad in the UK last year sparked a string of stories about the beginning of the end of the publishing industry. ‘I fear for the future of publishing’, wrote Henry Porter in the Guardian. Critics envisioned poor Gutenberg turning in his grave as printing presses around the globe ground to a creaky halt while the digital revolution leered malignantly over the decaying corpse of the publishing industry and the languid death throes of local libraries. Read More