Business Logos

A picture can say a thousand words so what are business logos saying about their business? A logo is a visual representation of your small business and an aspect of your business brand. Your logo will represent your small business so of course you want a logo that will convey a positive message about your business. As your small business grows and grows so will the popularity of your logo, and maybe one day it will be as recognizable as the Starbucks or Nike logo!(Why not dream big!)

Here are some tips for your business logo

Appeals to your target market– Keep your target market (targeted customer) in mind when creating your business logo. For example rainbow colors in your logo can be appealing to children but it probably would not be appealing to older professionals. Choose a business color scheme that appeals to your target market. Also avoid logos that may be viewed as offensive to some people.

Matches with your brand– Your business brand is the overall experience, presentation and reputation of your business. When developing your brand you should determine what makes your business different from other competitors. Does your business meet a need or a want of your target market (targeted customer)? Use a distinguishing and unique characteristic of your business that is valuable to your target market and build your brand around that. Your logo should match with your brand. It should express or support the message you are trying to convey with your brand.

Keep it simple– An overcomplicated logo can look fussy. If your logo uses colors, it would be a good idea to attain a black and white version as well.

Put your logo everywhere– Include you logo on ads, letterheads, banners, uniforms and more.

Consistency – Once you have created a logo stick with it. Constant changes to your logo diminishes the purpose of it and shows instability. Make sure your logo looks the same everywhere. You can decide to have restrictions on how wide or tall it can be and with what background colors it can be placed.