Business Car Magnets

business car magnetsBusiness Car Magnets are a great way to advertise your business. You can place your business car magnets on your business car and personal car. It is especially effective if you are constantly driving around. Below is a comparison of several car magnet providers.

Business Car Magnets Comparison

. Price Shipping & Handling Extra Features Material
printrunner $34.95– 12in x18in

$44.95– 12in x24in

$54.95– 18in x24in

you will have to wait 1-4 days for turnaround (time for them to approve your artwork). Then they will ship the postcards. Shipping rates vary by weight, speed, and location. Estimates vary from $8.31- $19.18 for ground shipping. . Printed on 30 pt. magnetic stock. Laminated for Durability.
vistaprint $4.99– 11.25inx 8.5in

$14.99– 17.3in x 11.25in

$26.20-three Business Days

$13.68-seven Days

$9.52-fourteen Days

$5.67-twentyone Days

Hundreds of professional designs to choose from but if you want to upload your own image, it will cost $3.74 Use care in handling the Product in extremely cold conditions, as the magnetic material can become brittle.
Long-term outdoor usage may result in fading, due to shielding the underlying color from ultraviolet rays.
magneticsignsontime $49 per pair ($24.50 each)-Lettering only- size 10X18″

$66 per pair ($33 each)-with graphics- size 10X18″
bigger sizes available.

$14.00– ground 1-5 days
$40.00– 2days
$15.00 extra for each order to change background color
$4.00 for each order to add border
$2.00 for each order to add rounded corners
Highest quality, durable 100%, 30 mil,
85lb. pull/square foot car magnets.