Advertising Campaign Strategy

When creating an advertising campaign strategy it is often more effective to test various forms of advertising. For example instead of investing your entire marketing budget in one advertising method, divide your budget into various advertising methods. You can then ask customers how they found out about your small business and determine which advertising methods were more effective for your business. You can also try an advertising strategy one month and another the next month to see which advertising strategy works best, but keep in consideration that your products and services may naturally sell more during certain months. For example December is a popular month for gift shopping so you may experience a higher volume of sales during this month.

Keep your marketing strategy in mind when creating an advertising campaign strategy. When analyzing advertising methods question if it will be appealing to your target market. For example if your small business provides an up-scale expensive service targeting wealthy individuals, telemarketing may not be the best way to attract your target market. Also make sure you can afford the advertising method. For example TV commercials are usually too expensive for small businesses.

Advertising Methods

If your business offers products or services for a particular season or time of year you should concentrate on advertising those products or services during that period of time. For example if your small business sells summer gear, you wouldn’t want to advertise this product in the winter. Instead wait for the summer and pre-summer months when summer gear is in high demand. Use your marketing budget to advertise products or services that are in high demand for that season.