Recruiting Employees

What you should know before recruiting candidates

There are various methods of recruiting employees and having them apply for your job positions. When recruiting candidates for a job keep in mind that there are laws that protect job seekers from solicitation and discrimination. Laws prohibit discriminating employees or potential employees based on their race, religion, national origin, sex and color.

Methods of Recruiting

Place an advertisement in the local paper– This is a traditionally accepted method of advertising a job opening and recruiting employees.

Job Sites– Posting a job description on Job Sites such as is becoming an increasingly popular method of recruiting employees. These job sites also feature current resumes of people searching for jobs. Job sites include:

College Placement Centers-There are plenty of College students who have recently graduated and are in search of a job to start off thier career. College placement centers are an ideal place to find these potential employees.

Place a “Help Wanted” sign on your store– simple but effective and free! It would be a good idea to have applications for applicants to fill out so you can later compare information.

Trade Journals– When you are looking for a professional employee with specific skills, trade journals are a great way to advertise job openings.

Friends and Family– Many experts will advise against hiring friends and family. In my opinion friends and family should be treated as any other potential employee with no favoritism. They should be subject to the same hiring process as other potential employees to ensure they have the qualifications for the job. Working with friends or family can be a disadvantage if they feel they can slack off since they know you. On the other hand it can be an advantage because since they know you they may be more motivated to help you succeed.

Referrals– You can get referals from friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances. Your bound to know somebody who needs a job.

Employment agencies– I would leave this as a last option since they charge a fee for their services. An employee that you would be paying $9 an hour can become $15 an hour from an employment agency.